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5 Benefits of our Couture Service

When someone hears the phrases “Couture Service,” “Custom Made,” “Hand Tailoring” … they immediately think expensive, or unnecessary.

Here is the simple truth:

Custom hand tailored clothing last longer, decades even, allowing one to express their individual style, better quality fabrics, etc.

In this article we highlight the 5 biggest benefits to our Couture Service.


Each season off-the-rack clothing reflects the fashion trends of a designer. You can only wear what someone else is making you wear; off-the-rack clothes tend to be trendy. What though if someone wants to stay classic and wear whatever they like to wear? Off-the-rack clothing limits how much of “you” is reflected. Our couture service allows you to bring out your individuality, while enhancing your appearance. So, in a room full of trendy people stand out as a classic. However, you can choose to be trendy and go with the current fashion trends in your own way.

When consulting with our designer/fitter, we work with the finest cloth mills in the world. Allowing you to select the proper cloth for your needs and lifestyle. During the design portion of your visit, we will discuss design options and features. Thereby, allowing for a collaboration in which you influence the final garment.

Some of the features that you can take advantage of includes:


· The first thing a person notices from a distance, long before the cloth even comes into play

· It strongly affects the mood and first impression you are going to make


· Part of the shirt that enhances certain features of the face and/or upper body – collar frames the face

· It includes styles such as semi-spread, spread, button down, pin, tab collars


· Cuff shape and styles – these include single button, two or three button, link, double turnback cuffs with square, rounded, or mitered corners

· Pocket shapes – a chest pocket or two in a variety of styles, or no pocket providing a cleaner look for the shirt


Everyone wants to look their best. One key factor to looking our best is through the fit of our clothing, showing off our body in the most flattering way.

That is the core goal of our couture custom hand tailored clothing. Cut from an individually designed pattern, well-adjusted to a person’s measurements, providing for enough ease and comfort. Not everyone’s body type is similar, some of us taller, bigger, and wider or longer in some parts like hands or legs. Clothing that is cut to tight or fulls, while not allowing for the goal of showing off the body in the most flattering way, and can reduce one’s confidence.

Our couture hand tailored clothing allows for adjustments to several critical components to a well-fitting garment:

· Fit around the collar – eliminating collar gap

· Posture balance

· Shoulder fit – allowing for width of shoulder, and if one has high or low shoulders

· Sleeve length

· Coat length


With many off-the-rack clothing quality is not the priority. The priority being cost-effective mass production via industrial machines. Clothing produced in this way does not go through the hands of professionals who scrutinize every detail. We understand that not everyone is concerned about the materials of what they wear. If you are someone who just can’t wear anything just for the sake of fashion and trend, hand tailored clothing this is a completely different story.

Hand tailoring values precision. We can make adjustments and look for inconsistencies. We are able to adjust the number of stitches per inch, which keeps the fabric durability.

During your visit, you can select cloth from the finest mills. Cloth such as cotton, wool, blended natural fibers, silk, etc. – before the process begins. This provides a unique advantage over off-the-rack clothing, selecting the proper cloth for your environment, demands, and lifestyle.

If you live or travel to cooler climates, then cloth in heavier-weights or of a tighter weave maybe a better choice. While those that live or travel to a warmer climate may choose cloth that is lighter-weight or more openly woven will provide maximum comfort. As you select the cloths, you will learn their characteristics, textures, how well the cloth breathe sair, and how much they tend to wrinkle.


There are some who may not agree with this. Shopping is therapy for some! But nonetheless, it consumes a lot of time. Unlike shopping for clothes, custom clothing is controllable and straightforward. Your initial visit is typically the longest visit to select the proper cloth and style.

Recall the feeling of having to go out of your way for off-the-rack clothing- trying to find the best item. However, if you dislike shopping, this can be torture.

After you visit – you are guaranteed to receive the garment ordered. You are told when your garment will be finished, then it is a matter of waiting. You won’t spend time entering a store and looking around, only see items that are “sold out” or “unavailable.”

If you profession requires that you dress up – custom suits are your best choice. You could be to busy for serious shopping on the weekend. But also, you won’t attend meetings or events in unflattering suits. Custom clothing won’t just save time and effort – but also your reputation.

During your initial visit with our designer/fitter, we will discuss your needs, preferences, and lifestyle. We encourage a willingness to be receptive to suggestions that will enhance your experience.


In a consumer-driven world of temporary good, or as many refer to them as disposable goods, many desire to be smart buyers. They want to think a few steps ahead and avoid being blindsided by the price tag.

For this reason, many realize that custom hand tailored clothing is a great long-term investment. Because of the materials used and overall quality – there are fewer problems to face later.

You’ll avoid paying for lots of repairs, or even replacements. When issues happen over time, they can be delt with easily by a skilled tailor, often they are usually tiny adjustments. Hand tailored clothing is meant to outlast off-the-rack clothing.

Our custom hand tailored clothing has many extras that extend their lifespan such as:

French Seams

· Seams with more security and durability, preventing threads from getting caught or damaged

· They allow the garment to have a cleaner finished appearance


· Materials that can be inserted in stress points of clothing – such as lower side seams

· They lessen the amount of stress that is being applied to those points

When you book an appointment, you must be aware of a few things. There are things to be expected before jumping in. Visiting us is more like seeing a doctor. You should be well-prepared, have a realistic view of your body, and all the details you are looking for in a garment. Here they are.

· Never go for cheap tailoring

· Be clear about the design you want

· Be clear about how you like your clothing to fit, not too tight or too loose

· Understand your needs when selecting cloth, trim, and finishes

· Careful about the color you are picking

· Understand that there will be several fittings before the final garment is delivered

· Build a good relationship with your designer/fitter

The most stylish people in the world resort to custom hand tailored clothing. Why? Because of all the above-discussed reasons, hand tailored clothing is better that off-the-rack. You will feel classy, stylish, and sartorial. Try our couture service for yourself, and you will see how custom hand tailored clothing will enhance your wardrobe.

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