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Fall has arrived!

What? Fall has arrived, but it's the middle of July. The temperature hasn't even reached its height for the year. "Dog Days" of summer are still around the corner.

All of these statements are true. Temperatures still have time to climb, but for a gentleman temperatures wait for no one. His thoughts are turning toward his fall clothing. He is scheduling a visit with his tailor. Fabrics selections are being made.

A couple of new travel suits? New tweed sport coat? Trading the flannel trousers in for several pair of Calvary Twills? Those fall shades of corduroy are looking good with a nice cashmere sweater. Perhaps an ascot around the neck would be fun.

Just one of the new fall bunches, by our good friends at SCABAL, is the JET SET.



"Designed for a gentleman on the move looking for a suit he can depend on, day to night and continent to continent, Jet Set is a select collection of suiting fabrics that deliver an understated business look."

"The Super 150's wool is soft yet robust and at 280gm it is surprisingly easy to work with for this quality. Designs may be traditional but they don't lack interest, tonal herringbones, a selection of pinstripes, wide stripes and soft checks all feature with colours stretching

across the spectrum of blues, greys, browns, and black. Colour mixes are subtle, but give true depth to the patterns. The Jet Set collection delivers on all its promises."

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