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Permanent style is an investment. Like any investment, maintenance is key. Christopher Turner Couture provides two services in helping our clients with their permanent style. From designing and tailoring their wardrobes, to after care services. 


Always dress appropriately for an occasion – this doesn’t mean a ‘new suit’, but take pride in how you present yourself. Oftentimes this is reflected in how a gentleman cares for his investment in his wardrobe. At one time such care was performed by a valet. He would spot clean & press garments, polishing shoes, send garments needing repairs to the tailors. Those days were replaced with dry cleaning, and at times dry cleaning is required perhaps one or twice a year. However, to breathe life back into your wardrobe the old ways are still best. Therefore, we now provide valet & shoe shine services.

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just like our clients, each garment, pair of shoes, or special request requires different attention. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs, then see how we can fulfil them.

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