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What is Full Custom Tailoring?

What full custom tailoring is not bespoke tailoring, nor is it made-to-measure tailoring.  We say this because we like to be clear and transparent about the services we offer. So what is full custom tailoring? To be "custom" or "full custom" tailoring, it must meet a certain criteria:

  • ​It's based on an individually designed pattern, exclusively for the client

  • The client is involved with selecting the aesthetic details of the garment

  • There is at least one intermediary fitting (the forward fitting or advanced fitting) between the initial measurements and final garment delivery (typically basted with out lining or face cloths)

The Process

1. Cloth & Style


First we want to get to know you, what your needs are and what you need us to do for you. It may be a suit for a special day, work or simply the perfect suit you can turn to for all occasions. You may live locally or on the other side of the world, we'd like to know all of these details so we can better guide you through the first stage, cloth selection and style choice.

2. The Pattern

Once the appropriate cloth is chosen and the style of cut is decided, our designer will take more than 20 measurements and figuration details which are required to create your own personal, hand-drafted pattern.

4. Creation


A specialized team of tailors in our workshop are responsible for making each garment in your suit. There are individual coat (jacket) makers, trouser and waistcoat makers who all have different skills dedicated to each garment. With full custom  tailoring, each stage of your commission is carried-out by craftsmen but always overseen by both our Cutter and Designer, whose objective is to ensure you are delighted with the outcome.

3. Trimming

As with everything in bespoke, all decisions made are unique to you which leads to the next stage trimming. Your order will be trimmed, that is selecting everything needed to actually make your order. The finest linings, canvas and silks are used and everything, right down to the shade of buttonhole twist and horn buttons are carefully matched to your requirements.

5. Fittings

We then have a forward fitting, or possibly an additional before completion. This is where other minor adjustments can be made to ensure you're delighted. Your order then has the final finishing (hand sewing and buttonholes etc) and pressing. Your full custom garment will then be complete, but having you stand in front of a mirror with a big smile on your face isn't the end of the story. We always like to see you again in a few months to make sure your new suit is performing as it should and that you're completely satisfied. And yes, perhaps there's another reason for this. We always ask you to drop by again as normally the experience was so good, you'll want to repeat it.


Starting at $2395


Two Piece Suit

Three Piece Suit





Two Piece Dinner Suit

Three Piece Dinner Suit










Please note:
Cloths from non-house bunches will incur a surcharge.
Chest sizes greater than 48" will incur a 10% surcharge due to the requirement for extra cloth.

Unfortunately we cannot accept customers own cloth for commissions.


Please note that all commissions proceed upon payment of a 50% deposit invoice.

The completed garment is delivered upon payment of the balance.

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