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What are Made to Measure Shirts?

What made to measure shirts are not, they are not bespoke shirts. We say this because we like to be clear and transparent about the services we offer. Rather frustratingly, the term bespoke and semi bespoke are often used unprofessionally by many retailers. Made to measure shirts involves using a workshop to create a shirts made to your measurements, figuration and style details. The garment is made in a production workshop using modern techniques, including laser cutting. We at Christopher Turner Couture have closely worked with our makers to personally specify our cutting and making process to reflect the house style. As a designer, we have the technical skill and knowledge to ensure our shirts are made to our standard. What is more typical of many shirts suppliers is that they simply choose a manufacturer who basically supplies a generic product which is then branded for them. So in other words, you are often getting a shared product and the success of the outcome depends on the skill of who is supplying it for you. With our experience and knowledge of design, tailoring, and shirt making  you can rest assured you're in good hands. The process for made to measure is extremely straight forward as far as you, our client, is concerned. The process for ordering runs something like this -

As with our MTM and Full Custom tailoring service the first thing we want to do is to get to know you, what your needs are and what you need us to do for you. It may be a shirt for a special day, work or simply the perfect shirt you can turn to for all occasions. You may live locally or on the other side of the world, we'd like to know all of these details so we can better guide you through the first stage of cloth selection. Once the appropriate cloth is chosen and the style of cut is decided, we will take various measurements and figuration details which are required to create your own personal measure profile.

Depending on the service you choose a completed shirt can be ready average of six to eight weeks. Should you upgrade to our STUDIO range then you'll have to wait a little longer  to have all of the hand buttonholes and sewing completed.

Usually, only one or two fittings are required. This is where other minor adjustments can be made to ensure you're delighted and that we can amend your measurement profile for future orders. Your made to measure shirts will then be complete but having you stand in front of a mirror with a big smile on your face isn't the end of the story. As they say, "the proof is in the pudding" so we always like to see you again in a few months to make sure your new shirt is performing as it should and that you're completely satisfied. And yes, perhaps there's another reason for this. We always ask you to drop by again as normally the experience was so good, you'll want to repeat it.

Starting at $170

To step into the world of Couture shirts, the "CLASSIC" is the perfect start. Made to the highest quality from a wide selection of our in-house  woven cloths. From wonderfully casual broadcloths to exquisite Swiss cottons, rich ginghams to classic Bengal stripes, the Classis MTM Shirts by Christopher Turner Couture is comprised of mover 400 styles. We update the collection weekly so as to maintain a fresh and dynamic collection. With an exacting stitch count, unbreakable buttons, and superb quality cotton interlinings, Christopher Turner Couture shirts are the epitome of true shirting craftsmanship. Each shirt features ‘single needle tailoring’, the flat, neat seams of a Christopher Turner Couture shirt ensures consistent performance that lasts through repeated launderings.

The "CLASSIC" service takes around six to eight weeks from consultation to completion. We feel this is the very best entry into made to measure shirts and offers excellent quality and value.

IS SHIRT 1.png

Starting at $235

For the ultimate in our service, we suggest the "STUDIO". Select artisans at our workrooms sew our STUDIO shirts one at a time to ensure that the most exacting details are executed with precision and the utmost care. Only the world’s most exclusive and original fabrics from the renowned shirting mills of Italy and Switzerland are used in the handcrafting of the STUDIO shirts. The STUDIO shirts are comprised of 300 of our finest "CLASSSIC" clothes and over 1200 cloths from THOMAS MASSON. The finished product feels unlike any shirt you have worn before.

Each shirt’s construction requires a 22 stitch count throughout with single needle hand sewn sleeve settings to ensure the most neat and flat seams possible. A true split, deepened two-piece yoke adds comfort and ease of movement. Hand crafted button holes to accommodate 3 millimeter shell buttons are the mark of an elite make. Each collar is hand set and hand sewn for the ultimate in comfort, luxury and durability. High count Egyptian cotton interlinings at the collar, cuff and shirt front offer consistency and performance through repeated launderings. A hand cut and sewn linen gusset speaks of attention to detail and serves as a mark of a well made luxury shirt.

Our "STUDIO" service takes typically eight to ten weeks to completion. The extra time is needed for the specialized hand finishing. This is the ultimate made to measure suit only rivalled by our couture service.

Please note:
Cloths from non-house bunches will incur a surcharge.
Chest sizes greater than 48" will incur a 10% surcharge due to the requirement for extra cloth.

Unfortunately we cannot accept customers own cloth for commissions.


Please note that all commissions proceed upon payment of a 50% deposit invoice.

The completed garment is delivered upon payment of the balance.

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