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First Commission - What to expect?

If you are new to the world of bespoke clothing, couture clothing, or even made-to-measure then you are in for the rarest of treats. A world of sustainable clothing that adds value to not just your wardrobe, but to your life.

Adds value to your life? Yes. Once you have got

ten past the first or second commissioned garment more of your time is freed up to pursue other endeavors, because with each commission an individual pattern is refined. Thereby reducing the amount of time spent selecting, fitting, and altering clothing. More so, you are building a wardrobe that will last a lifetime. Each season you may decide to add one or two pieces, rather than having to start over because fashions have changed. Rather

the clothing you commission is an expression of your individual style and taste, thereby saving you money and time in the long run.

You may be thinking, "Well that's all well and good, but the cost. The uncertainty. What will I get in the end?" That brings us now to the subject of this post. Your first commission - what to expect? A large portion of this relies upon you.

What does this mean? First, your expectations. Ask anyone who has every gone the route of bespoke clothing, and they will tell you that the worst garment in their closet was the first garment they ever commissioned; but it fit better than any off the peg suit they ever tried on. Remember, time will take one or two commissions for your pattern to be perfected. Even then on the best of days that pattern is only 90% correct.

Second. How well did you prepare for your visit? Did you select the right tailor for the style of clothing you desire? Each tailor has a house style. That is, the way they interpret clothing. If you are looking for Italian style cut clothing then you would not go to an English tailor, and vice versa. You should choose a tailor that make

s clothing in the style that best reflects your taste. Once you have selected the tailor, what did you wear to your first fitting? It is always encouraged to wear a suit, dress shirt, and dress shoes. If all else fails, at the minimum a button up shirt and a pair of well fitting chinos will help. While the tailor will not use these garments for measurements per say. They do tell him a lot. Your deportment (that is how you stand), what you have been wearing and where the first areas of improvement should begiven extra attention.

Finally. What is it that you want? Be specific, but understand what you are asking for. Example. A young man comes in and ask for trousers cut to be worn on the natural waist, cut for suspenders, with side adjusters. He has seen this look on social media and wants to give it at try. The tailor says absolutely. Then the tailor discusses where the trousers will rest, that trousers cut for braces are typically worn a half inch to three quarters of an inch looser in the waist so that the trouser will drape correctly, and that the side adjusters are there if he chooses to wear them without braces. He mentions that when using the side adjusters, that there will be some gathering at the sides. Weeks go by. The trousers come in, and the young man complains. The waist is to big, they gather under the side adjusters, and he has pushed them down on the hips. Did he get what he wanted? Many would say that the tailor made what was requested, and based on the the request reviewed every aspect with the client. Be specific. Understand what you are requesting. It will go a long way to minimizing problems with your first commission.

Is it worth the effort the first or second commission to have clothing made for you? Yes. In the long run you will not only look better in your clothing, but you will feel better. You will add value to you wardrobe and your life. Most of all, through the clothing you commission you will recognize the value of self expression.

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