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In 1931 a fashion magazine for the men’s clothing trade was launched in the United States as Apparel Arts. Apparel Arts was aimed primarily at wholesale buyers and retailers, much as look-books are today. They provided illustrations of how clothing could be worn, not as a set fashion, but rather as an inspiration to help the average man to develop their own individual style. With the popularity of the magazine among retail customers, a new magazine was spurred in 1933 entitled Esquire.

Apparel Arts continued until 1957 when it underwent a transformation into a quarterly magazine for men, published for many years by Esquire Inc., becoming what would be known as Gentlemen’s Quarterly, now GQ. Over the years GQ has gone from filling its pages with articles and illustrations or pictures that inspired men to develop their own individual style, to images of young men sporting fashionable clothing and accessories. In recent years, the magazine has expanded its coverage beyond lifestyle issues.

Do not miss understand, we still think highly of GQ. Where Apparel Arts transitioned into Gentleman’s Quarterly and has moved on to a broader scope, a new and exciting quarterly magazine has emerged; Sarto Magazine. As you spend an enjoyable afternoon reading the articles and hovering over the images, you notice that Sarto is different from other gentlemen’s magazines in that it does not promote the fashions of designers advertising within, but rather it stimulates one into reexamining one’s own style.

Founder and Creative Director Chuck Pollard expresses the vision of Sarto as “a quarterly publication that seeks to explore the habits and habitats of refined gentleman, connecting the dots between the world of style, (not to be confused with fashion) grooming, fine dining, fine drinking and fine living reported by people who know them and live them. By observing and learning what motivates others, we find new inspirations for ourselves.”

AS we look forward to future issues, we recommend that you visit to download your personal copy today.

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